Cut Your Losses


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released August 8, 2012

Recorded by Justin John Smith
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Angelo



all rights reserved


BACKBITER Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Cabin Fever
Forget this world, no one cares
What I think is Irrelevant.
Dug my self into the ground
Talking just to hear the sound.
Getting sick of everyone
Who claims to care, but are never there.
Don’t have the will to go on still
Everyday I’m stuck in Hell.

It’s getting so hard, to just wake up each day.
Why do I bother to open my eyes at all?

I’m growing weaker, with each minute passing.
And I’m growing bitter, this hatred’s lasting.

I am losing this once strong mind,
To a hollowed heart, I’m lost.
Track Name: Shelbern
I won’t tell them anything
They keep coming back to me
In my dreams or lack of sleep
I am going insane.

I don’t owe them anything
Truth and lies are all prying
Close my eyes and start to see,
There is nothing left of me to hide.

I’m walking these streets like a ghost in his sleep.
Sweating out insecurities, bleeding through these sheets.
God and the Devil keep fighting over me.
Ripping at each arm, but I don’t know who to believe.

I choose neither.
I won’t kneel, I won’t sin.
I won’t give them anything.
Track Name: Shadow
It’s getting harder to just save face
All I do ends in disgrace.
Every day is just the same.
Eternal war inside my brain
(and I’m losing)

Nothing left, no way out
No more hope, only doubt
Falling down, face in ground
World has turned, upside down
Lost my self, in my grief
Lost all of my beliefs
Nothing left to stand for

I’ve become a stranger to everyone I knew.
A let down, to myself, in everything that I do.
I can’t stand to look at my own face anymore.
I’ve become a shadow, burnt out by the suns light.
Track Name: Tragic Life
Forced To, walk this earth alone
Watching, everyone turn to bone

Everything i touch just dies, cursed to live this tragic life
Self loathing and self deprived, ripping out my own two eyes
Blocking out the world around, everything just gets me down
Drowning in a shallow sea, a shell of who i used to be.

I can't form words on this worn tongue
my cries for help fall on no one
why do i try to speak at all
the higher i climb the further i fall

i can't go, on like this
drowning in, a sea of shit

No one, could understand
How sick, i have become